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NetWare Control Center Enterprise Edt. 3.6.0

NetWare Control Center Enterprise Edt. 3.6.0: Logfile Analyzing, Event Monitoring and NDS-/eDirectory Health Check Reporting e directory services health and security of your servers. The Realtime Event Monitor shows a status survey with the latest SYS$LOG.ERR event of all monitored servers. It gives you the ability to monitor individual NetWare Events. You can use Event Filter Rules to assign alerting and logging options (alerting via e-mail, sound file, local or remote popup, logging to local or remote logfiles or Windows Event Log). Use NetWare Control Center to... +++

LogMeister 4.3.2: Centrally monitor and analyze any log your systems and applications can generate
LogMeister 4.3.2

e is no need to install agents on monitored PC`s and servers. LogMeister gathers information from logs throughout your network. Incoming data is scanned to look for entry patterns of interest. If these are detected LogMeister can perform a variety of actions and alerts including sending email, writing to log, running scripts, batch files or applications and displaying popup messages and sound alerts. The LogMeister log viewer presents gathered log

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GFI EventsManager 2010: Network-wide event monitoring, event management and archiving.
GFI EventsManager 2010

erwise very difficult to find and requires levels of expertise which are not necessary available to end-users. GFI EventsManager has also been developed to satisfy the increasing demands of events-based legal compliance. Generated events are the primary source to determine level of compliance and identify deficiencies. With GFI EventsManager, events can be processed and filtered while leaving the “raw source” intact, in compliance to event log

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Lockout fixer This handy tools helps to troubleshoot frequent lock outs of domain accounts..
Lockout fixer

e on the selected servers... If the account is not locked, then it will query for the logs occured at bad password time.. 3) There is also a seperate event log query tool, which allows you to enter any computer name and check for all the logs.. Again, time should be entered based on the time zone of the remote computer. How to determine the source workstation using the tool? Look for the event log results for any log with the username you are checking

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Winalysis 3.1

Monitor for changes to files, the registry, users, groups, services, security policies, and more. Archive Event Logs from multiple machines to a central database. Restore files and the registry from snapshots. Schedule jobs to monitor the network for critical changes, optionally generating alerts using SNMP traps, email, scripts, the event log... Create user-defined audit reports to help find security vulnerabilities and break-in attempts.

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Sentry-go Quick File Monitor 5.0: Quickly & easily monitor changes made to both local and remote files
Sentry-go Quick File Monitor 5.0

es are made to a file - ideal to ensure files are being processed in a timely manner; Monitor for changes to the underlying directory structure - new files being added to or files being removed from a directory or subdirectories; Monitor errors written to the Windows Event Logs based on error type, event ID, source or keywords & phrases within the text; In addition to Event Logs, you can also monitor the entries written to text-based log files such

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EventConsolidator 1.0RC1: View and Report on multiple Windows Event Logs - no Agents required
EventConsolidator 1.0RC1

EventConsolidator is an agentless solution for monitoring multiple Windows machines. It provides a single powerful view of all event logs. Its advanced features help to find problems quickly and before they turn out to be a headache. Reports provide in-depth information about your systems - without the need to look at each event log manually. Use this tool for maintainung security, troubleshooting problems and to keep track of what`s going on in

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